Capturing A Holiday In Resin

 Here is Christmas 2012 bottled up permanently!
 My idea for capturing a holiday works for any special occasion!  
A few years ago I started capturing Christmas in vials because I wanted to keep the holiday alive longer than December.  I always have little piles of leftovers and things that look like Christmas on my table.  Instead of throwing them away, I add them to a little dish to use up in a project like this one.
 In this vial I have a little snipping from a tiny Christmas tree, red glass beads, sequins and a tiny bit of red thread.
 I added Envirotex Lite to my vial.  I measure to see if the resin I pour in the vial leaves me enough room to still close it with my cork stopper.  It takes a few minutes for the resin to settle to the bottom of the vial.
This is the one time I like bubbles in my resin and encourage them by whipping my resin longer.  My vial will look like it is filled with water.

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