2013 Can't Get Here Soon Enough!

I am working today.  It still feels like the weekend and with tomorrow being a holiday it is hard to get as much accomplished as I would like.  
For many of us involved in the craft industry this has been a very busy holiday season.  We all leave in about a week for the annual Craft and Hobby show in California.  The convention was moved up a few weeks so we don't have the luxury of thinking "I'll get that done right after the holidays" like we usually do.  
The clock seems to be ticking faster and faster.
I have given you some hints about new projects with new product in 2013.  I am working around the clock on experiments, samples and finished pieces.  I just can't wait to start 2013 with some exciting announcements!
I thought I would leave 2012 with this image of something I really like: a new piece.  I promise to show you all how to make something just like it in 2013!
Happy New Year!