Teaching Resin To A Craft Super Star

This resin eye candy is the result of a private class I taught for Sara Davies.  Sara stayed with me when she came to Canada for her on-air day at The Shopping Channel.  Sara is the founder of Crafters Companion, a very large, very influential craft business in the United Kingdom.  
So it is one thing to teach my friend Sara how to work with resin
it is a completely different experience when I think about who she might be teaching if she likes resin! 
 She has seen so many of my projects....but I had no idea how determined she was to create such one of a kind jewelry!  I set up her work space and explained why you need to seal your paper images.  Sara glued in all her embellishments.  We waited till everything was dry and then I showed Sara how to mix a batch of Jewelry Resin.  
Easy Peasy.  
One of my best memories will always be how we made sure there were no bubbles...we watched the Christmas Episode of Downton Abbey and occasionally checked to see if there were any air pockets that needed popping.
Her pieces turned out spectacular (whew) and 
I think I made a new resin addict in the process!
 Here I am with Sara the weekend she visited.

This is the little "resin care package" I sent her home with!

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