Scrabble Tiles and Envirotex Lite

I have a young women staying with me so that she can learn to make resin covered scrabble tiles for her Christmas gifts.  As I taught her, it occurred to me that I should post it here on the blog as well.  Resin covered scrabble tiles have been around for several years.  They are quite popular at craft fairs and making them can be quite addictive.
A scrabble tile is about 3/4 of an inch wide.  You need to work with art that looks great small.  Luckily, there are a few artists who sell pre-designed scrabble tile art.  One of my favorite digital image sellers on Etsy is Sparrow Graphics.  They have a special where you can buy five different sheets for $10.49.  Isn't that an awesome price for all this great art sized to fit scrabble tiles?
 The techniques are very simple.  Cut out your image and make sure it fits on the scrabble tile.
 Glue the paper image to the tile.
 Seal you paper images with a great glue, I am now only using Aleene's Decoupage mediums.  They are light and dry quickly.  When you brush the glue/sealer on your paper, it is white but dries clear.  I apply three sealer coats, letting each application dry before applying the next one.  Ideally, allow your glued/sealed scrabble tiles to dry overnight so that you are sure there is no moisture left.
 You can see that I applied a glaze layer of Envirotex Lite to my scrabble tile surface.  Not too much...I didn't want an over pour, but enough to ensure that the surface looks like it is covered in glass.  You can use either Envirotex Lite or Envirotex Jewelry Resin.
 When the resin is cured..a thin layer like this hardens quickly, but I still let it have the full 36-48 hour cure, I glue on jewelry bails.  Bails are found in jewelry supply stores.
Ta Da, quick, unique and one of a kind pendants.  
My young friend is making 30+ of these.  Each one is personalized with a unique image she knows the recipient will love.

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