Resin Does Not Like The Cold

I have heard from a few readers who are having trouble with their resin projects, who never had issues before.
After mixing incorrectly, I believe temperature is the next major reason why anyone would experience an imperfect cure.
If you work in a basement or a garage cold will effect your cure.  When winter sets in, you may need to move your resin projects to a warmer place inside (depending on where you live of course.)

Question:  I have heard resin does not work in the cold.  Can you tell me why?

The Carmi answer is resin would not join a hockey team.  Hehehe.  
In other words, Envirotex Lite and the ETI line of resins need to be mixed and cured in a warmish room.  Envirotex Lite (and all other two-part epoxies) are reactive compounds that require warm temperatures.  The absence of heat means that they will not cure.  Heat/warmth is the part of the process you control by planning when and where you will be mixing and pouring a batch of resin.
70 degrees Fahrenheit or 
21 degrees Celsius at all times please!
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