Monday, November 19, 2012

Polymer Clay and Envirotex Lite

 I have had a few questions about polymer clay lately.  
A few of our readers are worried about using Envirotex Lite resin with clay.
So I thought I would show you one of my own polymer clay samples.
 I fashioned a bezel out of the clay, stamped into it and baked it according to the polymer clay instructions.  When my piece was hard, I glued and sealed my paper image into the cavity, added some glitter glue and poured in Envirotex Lite.
See!  It works beautifully!
The Nunn Design Give-a-way is on until Tomorrow, so if you missed the post I linked to it here.


  1. Carmi,

    I was wondering, what kind of stamps to you use to stamp your polymer and ETI Jewellery Clay? I've tried using metal stamps on crystal clay, but with mixed results.

    Thanks. :)
    Beaded Bohemian Crystal Jewellery

  2. Helen, I used my rubber and clear stamps. I keep a baby wipe handy to clean them after wards. If you apply a clear ink or even a colour ink like Staz-on to the rubber, it adds beautiful texture and detail in one stamp. Images that are not too detailed or fine lined work best.

    1. Thanks Carmi! Can't wait to try this out!


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