Nunn Design Fall Inspirations - Post Two

 The new components in the Fall Inspirations catalogue from Nunn Design include some very beautiful religious icons.  They inspired me to pick an image to embed in resin that was also religious.
 When I narrowed down my favorite choices from the collection I knew that I wanted to make pendants that featured two unique bezels attached to form one great piece.
 My square bezel featured the face and crown of this painting and then I added her hand to the second bezel.
 I am continuing to test Aleen's Matte decoupage.  It is an excellent sealer.  This is what I used to protect my photocopy image.  I poured Envirotex Lite into my bezels.
 The main bezel had only one attached dangle.  I glued on an extra bail so that I could attach it easily to my necklace.

This is so pretty!  The chain I chose for the necklace really highlights the colour in the bezels.
I have one more sample to show you tomorrow!

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