Nunn Design Fall Inspirations - Post Three

 This is my third and final sample featuring bezels from the Nunn Design Fall Inspirations catalogue.  
Of course, I saved the best for last.
Well, the best for me, because I love Napoleon imagery and now I have a wonderful pendant to wear featuring my favorite couple.
 I liked all the components in the new release...but as a resin artist I was most attracted to the new bezels.  Each of my posts features a pendant made up of two different bezels.
 These were the pendants in progress.  Even with my sealer covering the images they still looked great.  I sealed my paper images three times and let everything dry overnight.  Aleene's Matte decoupage is much lighter than what I normally use and it is sealing paper beautifully.
 After adding my rhinestone edge I poured in the first of two layers of Envirotex Lite.  You can see here that I did not pour resin to the brim.  This gave me the opportunity to write on the first resin service with gel market.  Then I poured my final doming layer of Envirotex Lite.
 I glued a bail to the back of the main pendant.
 Napoleon and Josephine!  You can just barely see my extra gold gel lines around Napoleon's shape.  I loved the pendant, but I still had two bees which are Napoleon's symbol.  They were attached last.
 I also made the kumihimo braid myself with these unique fibers.
My necklace is a choker now, it looks just great when I wear it with an open shirt.

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