Monday, November 26, 2012

Fabulous Jewel Tones With Envirotex Lite

 These bezels are lighting up my studio table!  They are so bright and shiny.
 The best thing about them is how easy and inexpensive they are to create!

 Somewhere in my travels I managed to pick up some candy wrapping foils.

 I just tore off small pieces and crumpled them.   Then I glued these pieces into my bezel.
 I added some sequins for a little more colour.
The blue foil cracked and revealed the silver backing.  I loved this!
Envirotex Lite made these pieces look fantastic!


  1. That is crazy cool Miss Carmi! I love the way these look. I suspect you could get the same effect with foil wrappers from candy. I saw some beautiful black on black gum wrappers the other day. Torn in pieces in a mosaic fashion they would be perfect under the resin! Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. I know...I am agonizing over the wrappers I have thrown away after Halloween...they were iridescent!

  2. Sublime comme d'habitude! merci de votre partage!

  3. Those bezels are faboulous,your ideas are great and sparkly!

  4. I did something similar with colored foil from Easter chocolates, but yours is way better. I like the sequins down the middle - so pretty!

  5. I am never going to throw away my candy foils again. Thanks for the idea

  6. I love this. I agree, I will never throw mine away again either

  7. I was reading about working with resin and came across your blog. You've made some really lovely things!


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