Friday, November 30, 2012

Envirotex Lite Over Photography

I have featured Nancy Donaldson's photography on this blog several times.
She take and edits the most beautiful imagery.
At a recent event, Nancy sold some of her photography in a smaller format.  She applied her images to a wood base and sealed her paper.
Then she applied one glaze top coat of Envirotex Lite.  The beauty of a top coat is the sheen it gives.  The black becomes blacker and the image is magnified.  The resin gives her work a very professional finish.


  1. beautiful! Does the resin give any extra protection from UV light? I'm guessing it doesn't, but would like to know.

  2. ETI does add something to help with UV resistance. The new Jewelry Resin has even more resistance....but do keep in mind that anything in direct sunlight can be harmed....paper lightens, glues deteriorate ect. I keep my resin jewelry in a drawer and this type of art I try to hang away from a window!


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