Resin Repair

 You might be wondering why this fabulous bezel is appearing under the title "Resin Repair."  
It is one of my best examples of how to fix a mistake.
 This bezel was designed by Fernando Dasilva, an extremely well known jewelry designer.  He also added the leather embellishment and poured in Jewelry Resin.  
Then he discovered the "mistake."  
Overnight a little of the leather, which should have been completely encased in resin was sticking out of the surface.  It may not have bothered everyone...but Fernando and I both felt it was very visible.  Happily, I offered to REPAIR it!
 I have showed you repair work on this blog already.  It still amazes me.  All I did was sand the surface of the resin until it was even again.  See how scratched up I made it?  I sanded and sanded until the area the leather popped out of was smooth again.
 Then I mixed a small batch of Jewelry Resin and painted a glaze layer onto the entire piece.
The scratch and sanding lines magically disappear!
Bezel saved!
Money saved!
Artwork Saved!
Learning how to repair a resin mishap will make working with resin less worrisome.
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