How To Make a Tissue Paper Backed Bezel - Part One

 This thin frame pendant featuring a bird is very pretty.
I am going to turn it into a bezel so you can see how resin can act as a super strong glaze.  This thin tissue paper will become very strong.
 I also wanted to try working with a new (to me) decoupage medium.  As you can see from my picture I am letting my frame pendant sit in a layer of glue which I have applied to a small piece of the tissue paper.
 When the glue was dry (clear) I cut away the excess tissue and applied a second layer of decoupage medium to the back.  I let this dry.  It is best to always let glues dry overnight before your pour resin on them.  The tissue paper is already very strong with just this decoupage medium!
Today I will let my decoupaged tissue dry.  I also added a few dried flowers.  Tomorrow I will show you what I do next!

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