The Right Tool For the Technique

 This brooch features resin covered paper.  
This is a technique I have not used a lot because I think I was waiting for the right tool.  That tool is the Westcott Extremedge Titanium scissor!  They are the first pair of scissors I have worked with that are strong enough to cut cleanly through thick plastic...which is important for this technique!
 I had this vintage magazine cover on my desk for a while.  I really liked the image of the Marie Antoinette-like doll.
 When you work with vintage papers and resin you need to know a few things.
1.  If you place the paper into the resin, it will quickly absorb and be covered with resin.  I soaked my paper in this resin puddle, and then I moved it onto a piece of wax paper to cure.
2.  Vintage paper becomes the text or images on the reverse side tend to be visible in the front.  See that thick black line through the lady?  That was on the reverse side of the cover.
I used Envirotex Lite for this project.
That's when I became creative with glitter.  I dropped resin onto the papers in areas I wanted to cover.
 About 8 hours later, I used these scissors to cut my papers and resin.  The resin did not stick to the blades!!!  I then let my cut shapes cure for another 24 hours.
 Note how sharp my edges are.  My resin is about 1/8 of an inch thick.  The wax paper peels off.
That's how I make resin covered paper!

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