How To Glaze a Feather With Jewelry Resin - Part Two!

I have a stunning new feather pendant!

 In yesterday's Part One post I had already painted a glaze layer on the front and then the back side of the feather.  This picture explains why I need to make time to ensure I can do three and possibly four glaze layers.  After the back was cured, I flipped it over and it was clear, the front was only super shiny in a few areas.  You won't believe how much resin a feather will absorb!
 Glaze Coat Three:
I painted a thick layer of Jewelry Resin the front.
It cured like glass!
I added a finding to the top and this feather is ready to be worn as a pendant!

How To Glaze a Feather With Jewelry Resin-Part One

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