How To Glaze a Feather With Jewelry Resin-Part One

I really like feathers and would add them to jewelry all the time if they were not so fragile.  A piece like this looks great, but over time, the feather may lose some of it's sections.
I do prefer them permanently encased in resin!  
To achieve this, I glaze the feather with three and sometime four separate applications of Jewelry Resin.

Glaze Coat One:  
Cover the feather front with a good thick layer of resin which I paint on.
24 hours later you can see that a lot of the resin was absorbed through the feather to the back.  
I like working on a non stick sheet but you can clearly see that the tiny dots on the sheet are now also on the back of the feather...this is a look I do not like.
Glaze Coat Two:  
Apply with a paint brush a goo thick layer of Jewelry Resin to the back side.

Part Two

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