Goldfish Project - Part Three

 I have made some really great components with Envirotex Lite, EasyCast and Jewelry Resin.  This piece is just a great example of the fun you can have with resin!
 Over the weekend I polled some of our readers to see what colour background my molded goldfish pieces should be placed on.  Teal and gray were very popular.
 It is hard to photograph the final molds....but I am sure you can tell that the goldfish really pop against their backgrounds.  This smaller pendant is not finished.  I have some ideas on next steps.
 I glued each piece to the background paper with Mod-Podge which dries clear.
 The back of one of my pieces was graph paper and I wanted to cover this.
 I painted the back blue and applied a glaze coat of Jewelry Resin to both molds.  The glaze coat will ensure that the paper will never peel or scratch off.
 The big gold fish mold I placed in an open back bezel, so I am glad I took this extra step.  My pendant looks great from the front and back.
I think my salute to the artwork of Riusuke Fukahoriwas a success!  To learn more about this project here are the links to part one and two.

Goldfish Project Part One
Goldfish project Part Two

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