Foil Under Envirotex Lite

 This post proves that everything looks better under Envirotex Lite or Jewelry Resin.
 My colour choices were inspired by the Pantone Fall Colour trends report.  I think these two colours look amazing together!
 I gathered foil papers.  Foil is sold in craft stores.  It is normally applied to a paper surface with glue.  Surprisingly (well okay, not surprisingly), I had both blue and pink in my stash!
 I crinkled the foil and placed it into my bezels.
 I applied a sealer because the foil was not staying flat in the bezels.  They are very shallow and I needed to be sure the foil was as flat as possible.
 As I crinkled the foil, some of it flaked off.  That's why I have the silver metallic veins in the bezels now.
 I poured some Envirotex Lite resin into each bezel.  All I had to do next was wait for my resin to cure. 
Don't they look great?  They are so easy to make and the jewel tones look fantastic when you see these bezels in person.

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