EasyMold Candy - It's My Job Really!

 I hope these two pretty molded objects caught your eye today.
They are not my standard resin sample.  They are made of candy.
I am setting up a candy factory in my studio!
 The things I do for Resin Crafts Blog!  I am getting ready to create a new video for ETI that explains how to work with our EasyMold Silicone Putty.
 You may not know that EasyMold is Odorless, Non Toxic. FDA Compliant and most important for this project: Food Grade!
 I am experimenting with candy and like all new techniques, I am working out some issues. I can't become a candy maker in one day...can I?
I am having a great time experimenting.
 Chocolate will be melted today.
This is an "eat what you pour" experience!

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