Vintaj Bezel and Jewelry Resin

 I think I am starting to naturally turn to the colours of Autumn. This Frida necklace is going to be my Fall 2012 go-to necklace.
 A few weeks ago I managed to go to a Joanns craft store in the USA where I picked up this Vintaj bezel.  I have been wanting a few for some time and I was happy to see this piece.  
I follow the Vintaj blog daily!
 I sealed my paper image of Frida and then decorated around her image with paint and glue.  The paint stays dimensional when dry and looks like a pearl under resin.
 The bezel is shallow, so I was very careful not to over pour my Jewelry Resin.
 I had a wonderful time thinking and planning the components that would highlight the pendant the best.
This is my finished necklace!

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