Monday, August 20, 2012

The Resin Revamp

 Drum roll please!  
This is my bracelet revamped project!
 On Friday I showed you this resin bracelet I found in an antique market.  I don't think it is vintage...but it is resin and it deserved to be brought back to life.  I knew I would restring it, I just didn't know if I could leave it as a bracelet.
 On Saturday I hit a block though.  What do I restring it with?  I have so many options in my studio.  So I turned to my friend on Facebook!  On Sunday morning I posted this picture of four options and was overwhelmed with suggestions.  I liked all four and thought that one choice might be more popular than the rest.  To my surprise the unusual multi-colour glass bead got rave reviews.
 So this is how I strung my beads.  In the end I needed one extra space to keep the half circle loose so I used the tiny gold bead.
I could not be happier with my results!


  1. I love it! When you first posted the bracelet I wasn't impressed with it at all and thought I wouldn't have parted with the $5. I wish I had vision like that!

    1. That made me laugh! $5 is a lot when you are picking through broken jewelry bins...but I am so glad I saw the value in the beads cleaned and restrung!

  2. Woo Hoo, that came out great. I really like the smaller gold beads at the top.

  3. I was wondering what the bracelet would be turned into and I certainly did not expect such a stunning transformation! Gorgeous!!!

  4. i love it! great choice! Those multi beads are so cool looking too!

  5. This turned out stunning. Glad you used the multi colored beads. They are fab!

  6. Love it and love the added gold beads as well. Amazing!

  7. Great idea. Love it much more than as a bracelet. Good choice.


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