The Resin Revamp

 Drum roll please!  
This is my bracelet revamped project!
 On Friday I showed you this resin bracelet I found in an antique market.  I don't think it is vintage...but it is resin and it deserved to be brought back to life.  I knew I would restring it, I just didn't know if I could leave it as a bracelet.
 On Saturday I hit a block though.  What do I restring it with?  I have so many options in my studio.  So I turned to my friend on Facebook!  On Sunday morning I posted this picture of four options and was overwhelmed with suggestions.  I liked all four and thought that one choice might be more popular than the rest.  To my surprise the unusual multi-colour glass bead got rave reviews.
 So this is how I strung my beads.  In the end I needed one extra space to keep the half circle loose so I used the tiny gold bead.
I could not be happier with my results!