Mariage Freres Tea Project - Part Two

My bezels turned out fantastic!  
Isn't it great when you can create something so interesting with something that was probably going into the garbage?
 This is the box I showed you yesterday.  I cut it up so that I could use it as my bezel artwork.
Jewelry Resin was poured into each bezel after I sealed all the box artwork with mod-podge.
 I had an issue with one bezel.  I did not protect the entire paper edge on this a resin stain immediately developed.  This makes me so sad.  I used to get so upset.
 Now I camouflage my errors!  Since the resin was still in the "just poured stage" I took the time to add a few glass beads around the edges.
 You won't notice the stains now!  Most people would think this was my original plan!
 I did pour a little too much Jewelry Resin into this bezel.  
I used to move my bezels around and try to clean up these over-pours while everything was still wet.
 Not anymore!  I let my resin cure for 12 hours (overnight) and carefully ran my craft blade around the edge of my bezel.  At the 12 hour mark, or what we refer to as "the soft cure" it is super easy to just peel the resin away.  Then I let my bezel sit for the full 48 hour cure.
Aren't they super?

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