Mariage Freres Tea Project - Part One

 Every year I buy one container of tea from Mariage Freres.  They package a limited edition tea each year into this metal canister.  I am not sure if I like the tea as much as I like the I buy one every year to add to my collection.  I absolutely love their choice of colours, design and packaging.
 I am making a new necklace that will feature images from the package.  You can see the interesting one-inch circles I was able to punch out of the cardboard box.
 I glued my circles into bezels and I am making an extra effort to make sure my paper is sealed.  The box is card if I don't seal all the edges properly, I may have resin seep into the paper fibers and this will appear like a stain...which I do not like.  I've blogged about stains a lot.  I focused my efforts on sealing the edges with more than 3 applications of mod-podge.
 Twenty minutes after I poured in my Jewelry Resin I did notice that one bezel had a stain.  See those edges...I missed a spot somehow.  I'll show you how I can fix that in tomorrow's post!
The bezels are now happily curing.  I have an over-flow situation with one bezel.  I am not going to touch or move it...I'll also explain a simple solution for this problem tomorrow!

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