Jewelry Resin In Vintage Meadows Artworks Component - Project Two

 I rarely make earrings.  
I made an exception this week because these 
vintage petals looked so pretty on my work table.
 This is what I started with.  I picked up these samples at the June Bead and Button show.
Last month I had a blog post showing you what I did with the brown petal shapes.
 Before I added resin and paper to these shapes I still took the time to seal the shapes with mod-podge.  It never hurts to protect a surface you think may get a resin stain.
 I added these rose stickers to a first layer of Jewelry Resin.  The petals are an odd shape so I propped them up so the resin would cure flat.
I added some beads and gel marker lines and did a second glaze coat with Jewelry Resin.  When everything was cured I added some earring components and they are ready to wear!

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