Envirotex Lite Resin over Encaustic Collage - Part Two

 Good/Great news friends!  
My encaustic experiment is a success!  Yesterday I showed you how I just taped several areas on an encaustic canvas my friend Nancy lent me for my project.  Nancy creates encaustic art with transfers, embedded objects and paint and this was an unfinished board she was will to let me play with.  
The cured resin stripe on the dark red just pops!
I used Envirotex Lite and it cured super smooth and hard.  On the clear wax, the resin is visible but it does not really make an impact like it did on the red section.
 I think if I worked with encaustic collages I would pour or glaze resin over small portions of my canvas so that those areas would pop...and allow the wax to still cover the bulk of the surface 
After all, the wax and all it's magical layering is what the canvas is meant to showcase.
 However, this was an experiment...next I poured Envirotex Lite over the entire board!!
It cured beautifully!
Here is the final canvas.  I think resin still showcases the wax....and now there is a wonderful protective coating over the entire surface.  It looks like I mounted my piece under glass!

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