Resin For A Ceramic Glaze

 It seems like the more I work with resin the more I realize it is the perfect medium!  Take a close look at my ceramic pendant!
 I purchased the beads and pendant separately.  I thought they would look great together but the ceramic pendant did not have a glossy coating.  It looked dull next to my glazed beads.
 I opted to just apply a glaze layer to the pendant to see if I could get it to look more like the beads.  Glazing makes darker colours go even darker and I needed this blue to be closer to a navy.
 You can use either of our amazing resins! 
 When my first coat was cured I noticed two little spots that were not glazed.  That happens now and again.  So, I applied one more glaze top coat.
 Ta Da!!!!  That glaze top coat was so effective!
This necklace looks brilliant on!
Just a reminder.  I am showing you small components that can become jewelry.  This same technique could be used in numerous other applications!

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