Miriam Salat Resin Jewelry

If you have a little time you might want to take a peak at Miriam Salat's website. I felt like I died and ended up in resin heaven!
The rings really caught my eye.  There is so much to look at that I thought I would just give you a peak.
These are resin works of art.

I am so inspired!

"Miriam Salat began her career designing airports and highways as a New York City civil engineer. Eager to push beyond straight lines and right angles, she turned her attentions to her passion, jewelry design. In 1993, only three months after designing her first collection, Miriam sold her line of hand-crafted fashion jewelry to Barneys.
Miriam successfully launched her namesake collection of resin, sterling silver and 18kt gold vermeil in February 2010.
Miriam Salat’s fashion jewelry gives expression to the sensibilities of women who, like herself, embrace life to the fullest. An avid traveler, and passionate rock climber, her cultural experiences influence her designs, use of color and trend- setting looks.

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