Jewelry Resin, Staz-On Ink and Imagine Crafts - Part Two

 Isn't it amazing what a little ink, paper and metal can become when you cover it in Jewelry Resin?
 Yesterdays blog explained how I got my pieces until this point.  They were already excellent, but I wanted to show you how I work in many layers to achieve one of a kind components.
 I am using some products I discovered at The Craft and Hobby Show (CHA) from "Imagine Crafts."
This is their new metallic gold ink pad.
 I stamped randomly along the edges of my pieces.
 You can see the gold ink is drying very nicely on that cured resin layer it was stamped on.
 I know I can make that ink pop though!  I made a small batch of Jewelry Resin.
 Here are the pieces after I brushed on one final glaze layer of Jewelry Resin.  This now sealed all my layers to the metal.
 What I loved about these metal blanks from Imagine Crafts is that they have a protective plastic coating on one side.  I peeled that off and now there isn't one stain or drip on the reverse side of my pieces!

 Working in layers is so effective.  Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial!

Layering Order
1.  Paper glued to metal. 
2.  Pod-Podge used to seal the paper.  Three layers were brushed over the image and allowed to dry.
3.  Add Staz-On inks to the edges.  Allow ink time to air dry.
4.  Brush a layer of Staz-On Glaz over the ink edges.  Allow glaze time to dry.
5.  Brush a layer of Jewelry resin over entire metal blank.  Allow this glaze layer to cure overnight.
6.  Stamp gold mettalic ink on the edges of the component and allow ink to dry.
7.  Apply final glaze coat of Jewelry Resin to seal gold ink and entire piece. 
8.  Allow peices to cure for 24 hours before turning them into a necklace!

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