How to Avoid Cat-tastropies!

This post is dedicated to Laura Weed, the Graphics Manager/Website Administrator/Social Media Marketing Manager at Stampendous!   
It is also dedicated to any 
Resin Crafts Blog readers who have cats.
 Now, if your cats are like this, you don't need to worry.
 But if you have a cat like Mable, Claudine Hellmuth's fur baby, read on - I have a super tip for you!
 Every few weeks I get a little note like the one I received from Laura:
Hey Carmi, quick resin question... So I finished my gorgeous bezels and went to dinner... Uh... Don’t do that, btw... LOL.... Did you know that wet resin sticks to cats? And cats with resin on them run around the house... Interesting...So I’m hoping I can add more resin and fix it? Someone said something about sanding it first? Any recommendations? LOL
 Of course, you can fix a mistake by pouring a little more resin over your piece.  Happily, Laura did and saved the pendant. 
 However, you can avoid all those issues by simply placing a plastic container over your curing pieces.  If you have cats, you should do this every single time.
Laura's cat-tastrophy inspired me to create this cat themed pendant.  To cat lovers everywhere:  protect your pieces!!

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