Monday, July 2, 2012

Envirotex Lite In a Vintage Tin Pan

I have such a pretty new baking tin to share with you today!
Just because I have access to the new Jewelry Resin doesn't mean I still don't use the orginal favorite; Envirotex Lite.
I made this sample with Envirotex Lite in three stages.  My first step was to pour about 1/4 of an inch of resin into the bottom of the pan.  It is quite deep and I wanted my image to be easier to see.  My digital images are from an amazing Etsy Digital artist Itkupilli.   
I sealed my paper image on the first layer of cured resin and then poured another layer of Envirotex Lite over the image.
When the second layer of resin was cured and added my embellishments and gel markers and poured a final layer of Envirotex Lite over everything.


  1. Very pretty! Thank you for the link on the digitals!

  2. I love how you embellished it. Very neat!

  3. Very cool project. Love the colors and I like that you used the tin.


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