Monday, July 23, 2012

Envirotex Lite, Canvas and Photography!

 Nancy Donaldson is one of those artists who who goes out of her way to learn new techniques.
Her encaustic work is fantastic and I am hoping that she will try some resin over wax this summer.
In the mean time, she had a show to prepare for so she made these fabulous small pieces which she covered in Envirotex Lite.
These two are stunning!

 Here are her canvases already covered in her photography.
 She made up batches of Envirotex Lite.

And with a foam brushed glazed the surface of her art.
It really is that simple!  Any dark colors get even darker under resin.  It highlights areas you might not have noticed.  You can even build up the resin layer by glazing the surface several times if you like.  Thank you Nancy for sharing!


  1. I have loved nancy's art since I first met her at Mixed Minded in Kitchner. Thanks for sharing this with us. One more reason to love resin. thanks Pam B

  2. this is a wonderful and super easy for anyone!!!
    i was so nervous but the tips you gave me made it so simple!!
    thanks for the "shout out"

  3. I was thinking of doing this as well! So glad you posted this!

  4. Very pretty! I have been wanting to use resin over my canvases as well. Do I have to seal in acrylic paint before using resin?

  5. Hi Chris, you don't have to seal paint, but you should seal papers and images like Nancy used to make sure you don't get a resin stain. If your piece is only paint, you can cover it without worry.


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