Dizzy Dame Necklace

 This is my "go to" necklace for the summer of 2012.  I think this gal looks like she is dealing with our heat wave with style! 
 I bought this vintage magazine because I thought the cover art was fantastic.  Henry Laurel, where ever you are, your art is still beautiful!  I scanned the cover and did some erasing in photoshop because I did not want the title in final pendant.  I do love the headline though:  Dizzy Dame Displays Good Form...which I do know is in reference to the horse race he is reading about. hehehe
This is the final necklace.
I placed and sealed my paper image in the bezel.  I added a little bit of glitter to the edges and when the glue and glitter was dry I poured in Jewelry Resin to the brim.  So simple!

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