Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yet Another Happy Resin Mistake/Accident!

 This ring should be called the accidental rock stack!
 In several of my blog posts I have shown this tray of stone which I use when I pour resin into something that does not have a flat bottom.  Some people work in a bowl of rice or sand.  No matter what you use it sure does come in handy to have a bowl like this in your studio.
Occasionally, even when I work carefully, I do have a resin over pour.  I am pretty sure when I worked in these shells a while back that some of the resin oozed out of my top shell's holes.
 Yesterday I ran my fingers through the bowl looking for an item that fell and low and behold I pulled out this perfect stack of stone!
 The stones are permanently piled up!
What a great accident!  I don't think I could have stacked them any better.


  1. Brilliant. What a great accident!

  2. It looks great, Carmi! Funny how things like this happen by accident, but they're usually impossible to recreate intentionally.

  3. Brilliant! It's a great stack for a ring!

  4. That is a brilliant happy accident!

  5. My favorite quote of all time is..... "A mistake is only an embellishment opportunity." Don't know who said it but I live by this for all the art I do.

  6. I think some of my best ideas have come from accidents! Love your accidental rings... they are awesome Carmie!


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