Jewelry Resin and Nunn Design!

 My new collection of bezels are from the Nunn Design summer collection launched last week. The Nunn Design Design team were posting sneak peaks to the collection so I was already excited about the new components.
 This is a sampling of what was launched.  
The Nunn Design web site has a link to the stores who sell their products.
 I managed to spend some time with Becky Nunn at the Bead and Button show and came home with a wonderful assortment of the new items!  Today, I will show you what I did with the pendants, tomorrow I'll show you rings!
 I used some fabulous digital artwork from The World of Tatty Button.  Tatty lives in the Irish countryside.  These new pendants were just the inspiration I needed to use this new artwork.
 One of the reasons I really love Nunn Design bezels is their attention to detail.  Look at the beautiful edging on the heart bezel.
 My artwork is so beautifully framed that all I did was add a little glitter and a few tiny embellishments before I poured in my Jewelry Resin.
The back of the bezels are beautiful too!

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