Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Faux Jewels

 Sometimes I get such a great idea that I don't even want to wait for my resin to cure before I show you!

 Can you believe how big this necklace was?  It cost me less than $10 when I spotted it in a bead vendors booth in Toronto. 
 I knew I would be breaking the necklace up for these slices.  I'll have enough pieces to last a very long time.  The components are made of plastic and resemble a slice of bark on the edges.
Meanwhile, I had this glossy page of vintage jewels in my paper file.  This bouquet of jeweled brooches never failed to inspire me.
 I cut out my favorite paper images and arranged them on my new plastic bead slices.  When they fit, I glued them in place and sealed my paper with Ultra Seal.  My next step was to carefully paint Jewelry Resin across the surface as a glaze.  This would seal my paper images to the plastic slice permanently.
 Since my slices are not flat, I arranged them in a bed of rocks so they would sit better and the glaze wouldn't drip off the edges.
It sure does look like a necklace in the making!  
I hope to finish it for tomorrow's post!


  1. Very pretty! This will be one heck of a necklace!

  2. I am normally a polymer clay and wire jewelry artist, but have been wanting to work with resin for quite some time. I found the jewelry resin today decided to finally do it. I found you at the bottom of the instruction booklet enclosed in the package. I am so glad I did! Your site is filled with so much fun, helpful information....I feel a lot more confident starting all these projects that have been swirling around in my head! Thank you so much.

  3. Hello Laura, and welcome to Resin Crafts! You are just the type of person I think about when I write the blog! I see lots of people wanting to learn about resin and then they get a little nervous after they buy it. I hope my blog encourages you to jump right in! Start with one simple easy project...and you'll get hooked like I did. (I went to a bottle cap demonstration 8-9 years ago and here I am today!)

  4. Terrific! I love resin . I make collage pendants. I have always wanted to try to make beads


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