The Faux Jewels

 Sometimes I get such a great idea that I don't even want to wait for my resin to cure before I show you!

 Can you believe how big this necklace was?  It cost me less than $10 when I spotted it in a bead vendors booth in Toronto. 
 I knew I would be breaking the necklace up for these slices.  I'll have enough pieces to last a very long time.  The components are made of plastic and resemble a slice of bark on the edges.
Meanwhile, I had this glossy page of vintage jewels in my paper file.  This bouquet of jeweled brooches never failed to inspire me.
 I cut out my favorite paper images and arranged them on my new plastic bead slices.  When they fit, I glued them in place and sealed my paper with Ultra Seal.  My next step was to carefully paint Jewelry Resin across the surface as a glaze.  This would seal my paper images to the plastic slice permanently.
 Since my slices are not flat, I arranged them in a bed of rocks so they would sit better and the glaze wouldn't drip off the edges.
It sure does look like a necklace in the making!  
I hope to finish it for tomorrow's post!

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