The Faux Jewels Necklace

My necklace turned out 
even better than expected!
I am so surprised that this worked out as well as it just never know what magical powers Jewelry Resin will have on a simple piece of paper and some plastic bead slices.  Yesterday's post showed you how I made these faux jewels.
 Then I had to figure out how I would hang the slices.  I tried to drill into the plastic, but the original pieces are very brittle and chipped when I tested this idea.  In my jewelery component stash I found these bars...does anyone know what they are called?  I have no idea why or where I got them!
 For some reason they fit perfectly on the back of my pieces.   I have also been testing a new glue:  Quick Grip.  It was perfect for this project.
 I arranged my bars and applied some Quick Grip and then carefully placed my flat bead slices onto the bars. 
 A few jewelry components later and I have the best choker ever!  I plan to wear this at the Bead and Button show this weekend!

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