Bezel Wire and Resin - A Tutorial For Experienced Resin Users Part ONE

This week I will have a longer post (in several parts) showing you how to create your own open back projects with bezel wire, Jewelry Resin and some strong double-sided tape.
If this is your first time visiting our blog keep in mind that this a not a beginner project.  I would encourage you to try one of our simpler pours and the labels down the side of this blog will give you links to many great projects.
 Bezel wire can be twisted into interesting shapes.  For this project I formed a heart shape and then pressed it into the double-side tape you see in the picture above.
 I gathered some Luminarte powder pigments and mixed a small batch of Jewelry Resin.
 I made small dollops of resin on my non-stick craft sheet.  Then I added some pigment to it.
 The coloured resin I then dripped onto my double-sided tape base.
 A second colour was made.
 And then a third.
 These colours were also dripped into the heart shape as shown.  I added some extra uncolored resin to ensure that my heart would be secure when my first pour of resin cured.
I consider this my "First Pour."
My last step was to place a wood rubber stamp onto the heart shaped bezel wire to ensure my heart would cure completely flat.  If I pressed my wire into the double sided tape correctly, the resin should cure within the wire shape.  Tomorrow I will show you what I do next.

Bezel wire can be found on-line by googling the words "bezel wire."
The double-sided tape I use is sold in sheets and can be found in scrap booking stores and I know I have seen it in Michaels Craft Stores.    It can also go by the name "red-line."
The pigments I LOVE are from Luminarte.

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