Vintage Muffin Pans and EasyCast

 This is a very simple project that anyone can try if they are new to home decoration and resin projects.
 I always buy vintage muffin pans when I see them in antique stores.  I think they are ideal frames!
 The muffin pan I chose for this project is very deep.  For deep pours I always use EasyCast resinIt was designed for deep pours and molds.  In this pan I have already poured and allowed to cure about 1/2 inch of EasyCast.  Now my images are being glued and sealed to that first resin surface.
 I also glued in sequins to act as my image frame.  You can use Ultra Seal or Mod Podge.  These glues dry clear and are wonderful sealers for paper.  I poured another 1/2 inch of EasyCast in each pan to complete my project.  There is still room to even work on that surface and do a third pour if I want to.
 I want my pan to be flush on my wall so I glued some hangers to the back of the pan rather than use the hole at the top of the pan.
 I did think about working this way.  Horizontally the pan is very interesting!
Here is another example of resin in vintage bake wear.   This pan is a favorite.  It features the six wives of Henry the Eighth.
The little pans are great too!

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