The Tea Cup Project - Part Two

 The tea cups looks very different today!
Yesterday I had papers, paint and rhinestone sitting on the first clear pour of resin.
Here they are today.  I poured another 1/4 inch of resin over the first inclusions and I am now working on the second layer.
 I have added paper flowers to the second layer. 
 My bottle caps are now permanently in place.
 Metal flowers are making this cup look very regal.
 More pink rhinestones.
 One clear new inclusions.  I really like this cup as is.
 Rhinestones and metal flowers.
 White plastic roses create a wreath around my birdie.
Flowers and more flowers.  Peter Rabbit looks very glamorous.  I am not done....tomorrow the final cups!

By the way.  I do need to remind you that you could not pour ETI products into a tea cup you were still planning to use as an actual cup.  ETI products that I work with should not be used with food.

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