The Tea Cup Project - Part One

My resin table has never looked more interesting!  
One would think that I had not returned a cup to the kitchen all week.
Each cup started with about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch pour of EasyCastEasyCast is great for this technique because it is excellent for deep pours.  I let the resin cure in the cup for 24 hours before I started working on its surface.
 I looked into each cup to see which base would need some colour.  Some cups, like the three to the right already have a wonderful design in the bottom.  The cups that didn't have a decorated bottom I added some paper art to.  Just like working in a bezel, the paper I have glued in place needs to have several layers of a protective coating.  I have applied Ultra Seal three times to make sure my paper is well protected.
 Let me tell you a little about each cup.  
This might spark a few of your own ideas!
This first cup features three birdie themed bottle caps. 
I used stickers and a few wood lady bugs in this cup.
 Photocopied wall paper and rhinestones.  The rhinestones feature real glass, not plastic.
 Peter Rabbit artwork, paint and rhinestones.
 Paper artwork and liquid pearls.
 Photocopied flower image, flower 3d stickers, bottle cap and liquid pearls.
 Photocopied artwork and liquid pearl dots.
Vellum stickers.  I am sure you can see that each image looks a little dull at this point.  I covered anything made of paper with the Ultra Seal.  Next step, another resin pour!  See you tomorrow!

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