Shell Disaster and Recovery

 This pendant has been on the work table for weeks.
I have worked on it on and off and it has been placed and then pulled out of the trash twice.
I do know you learn a lot more from my mistakes though.  
So here is what happened.
 It started when I found this cute shell necklace at Michaels Crafts Store.  It cost $1.50.
 I like to work in shells.  There were two in the set.  I gathered some pretty papers that I thought would showcase well in the circle shapes.
 I sealed the papers three times with Ultra Seal (you can use mod podge).  I was so sure I got all the paper edges.  When everything was dry, I poured in a very thin layer of Jewelry Resin.
 I placed my shell on my raised surface so it would be balanced.  However, 24 hours later I had resin stains.  See those stained edges.  That drives me crazy!!
 So I covered the edges with more Ultra Seal and then did a ring of glitter glue around the edges to cover the stains.  I poured more Jewelry Resin over all of this....and then can you believe it....ANOTHER STAIN.  How I missed sealing this I do not know.
 So I did a third glaze layer and added some charms to cover the stain.
In the end, I do have a pretty piece.  You can always save a resin disaster if you are crafty!

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