The Resin Learning Curve

 I have a fresh batch of bottle caps to share with you today!  
These caps are going to allow me to give you a few resin using tips.
 First.  I LOVE SEQUINS.  Michaels Craft Stores had this pack on sale this past weekend...3.99 for what will clearly be a lifetime supply.
 I placed some Japanese paper into the bottom of my caps and sealed it with Mod Podge.  While the glue was in place I added in these cute butterflies and flower shapes.  When the glue was dry and clear, all I had to do was pour in some Envirotex Lite resin and wait for everything to cure.
 And cure it did!  See how clear and glass-like my surface is....not a bubble in sight.  
This should have made me super happy.
 But alas, the persnickety part of me found a flaw.  The glue on the sequins created a an uneven colour...some of it is glossy and some of it is matte.  I know, I know, you may not have noticed. The next time I add in big sequins I will be sure to only put glue on the back of the sequin!
 So I added gel marker to the surface!  These new lines and colouring distract you from the original butterflies!  I then applied a glaze top coat of Envirotex Lite sealing the markers and adding a little bit of a dome to the bottle cap surface.  VOILA!
A few months ago someone left a snippy comment on the blog saying "bottle original."
I believe that people who leave mean-spirited comments on anyone's blog are sad and lonely people so I ignored the post.  
However, I did want to share with you why I do use bottle caps.
They are universally available and for many people free.  
I think it would be very frustrating to come to this blog and see all sorts of exotic and expensive bezels that you would not be able to work in or have access to.
So I work in bottle caps.  
I experiment in bottle caps.  
I perfect my techniques in bottle caps.
Then I use that knowledge to work in something more expensive like a pewter bezel.
Besides, I can make a bottle cap look pretty darn good now!

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