Friday, May 11, 2012

Jewelry Resin for Repair Work

 Here is a sweet fairy ring.  I am sure you might look at it and think it was my original idea to make a ring featuring this great artwork from the Crafter's Companion.  The fairy image is embedded in a layer of Jewelry Resin.  It domed very nicely if I do say so myself.
 This ring is actually a repair challenge.  Some time ago I filled this bezel ring with resin clay.  Resin clay cures rock hard.  It was my intention to add crystals to the clay...but I was unable to complete the task and the clay cured unadorned.  Did I mention it is now solid?
 My first step to save the ring was to apply some tissue paper to the surface.
 I covered the tissue paper with a thin glaze of Jewelry Resin and let it cure.
 Then, the secret layer.  
My fairy is a rub-on.  So I rubbed it onto the surface and then carefully applied my final doming layer of Jewelry resin.
I think it turned out super!  Consider trying this technique with rings or pendants you may not like anymore!


  1. Hi Carmi,

    Did you glue and/or seal the tissue paper to the ring first before applying the resin on top? Very cute ring!


  2. That is a good question. Tissue paper is so thin that the glue seeps through it. I "patted" lots of glue(mod podge) on top of the tissue once I had glued it in place, so yes, I sealed it, but with only one application.

  3. That came out great, if you hadn't shared, we would think it was on purpose. Thanks.

  4. What a great save. Where do you get the rub ons? You come up with some great stuff!


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