Jewelry Resin For a Child's Pendant

 This sweet little bee is the perfect image for this special pendant made for a little girl.
 I mixed a small batch of EasyCast resin and added yellow pigment to it.  I am loving these molds made for bakers....they should have been marketed to jewelers!  I used EasyCast for the mold because that is the best resin for these types of projects.  You could use Jewelry Resin if you don't have both.
The molded embellishment looked fantastic when I removed it.  All I did was place my sticker image into the centre circle.  A small pour of Jewelry Resin over the sticker created the clear dome over the bee.  I also added some resin to the indents that you can see on this picture.  
The addition of a bail to the back of the piece made this embellishment wearable.

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