Inspired Resin Project

This new resin sample looks so vintage! 
I am very happy with it because I turned a 5 cent button into something very special.
 Here is my starting point.  A plastic button and a used greeting card.
 I placed my paper image into the button and sealed the paper with Ultra Seal.  I added the gold peel off edging.  Then I poured in some Jewelry Resin and it cured beautifully.  I could have stopped here.
 However, I wanted to add this rhinestone chain to the edges.  Then I poured in another layer of Jewelry Resin.  Now the pink plastic seemed too plain.
 I painted the plastic with white gesso.  I did so with thick strokes.  Gesso gives you a surface to paint on...otherwise my acrylic paint would peel right off the plastic.
 I painted the triangle sure didn't look like plastic anymore!
Finally I applied some gilders paste in various shades to get my final colouring.  You never know what something can look like until you experiment!

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