Resin Shoes

Today I thought I would show you what I do with some of my molded pieces.  I have always made art cards.  What makes them stand out is the unique one of a kind embellishments I make to showcase on them.
I made these clear resin shoe embellishments with EasyCastMy mold was originally designed to make chocolate shoes...I choose to make permanent resin ones!  I make them clear so I can apply interesting papers to the back side.  In this case I am using Japanese paper.
Think of all the shoes you could make....way less expensive than buying them for yourself!
I also used another tool from Resin Obsession for this project.  They have a non stick resin stir stick.
After I stir my resin I just set my stick down on my non-stick surface. 
24 hour later I peeled away the resin on the stick and I can use it again!

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