Resin Jewels From Europe

 My love for resin jewelry began in Europe.  I go to Paris every April and I always come home with several pieces of resin.  This year I found two fabulous bracelets in England!  They are from my favorite resin jeweler:  Sobral.  They are made in Brazil. 
 This bracelet is so pretty!
 It makes me want to work in a cube shape ASAP.
 The second bracelet is a show stopper!
 The chunks are unique and you need to look close to see the details.
 Colouring resin like this is a long term goal. 
 This bracelet is a "no-name" Paris find.  It was in a scarf shop.
I love how the enamel wraps around the unique resin cone shape.
Hope these pieces inspire you as much as they do me.

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