Orchids and Resin - Part One

This dried orchid is starting to look really great!  There are already four different Jewelry Resin glaze applications curing in order to photograph it at this point.
 You might not understand what a labour of love it is to make a permanent orchid like this unless you try this technique yourself.
 I have very gently "painted" my Jewelry Resin to both the front and the back of the dried orchid.
Since I need to allow for at least 24 hours of cure time before I move the flower, you can see how this orchid is becoming a one week experiment.
One of the mysteries of resin work is when resin does not stay put.
As you can see from the areas I marked, resin "pulled away" from some areas of my petals.  This is why each side of my flower has required two different applications of resin.  
I'll show you what I am doing with this orchid tomorrow!

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