Monday, April 9, 2012

Nunn Design and Jewelry Resin

 I have an over the top brooch to start 
this week on Resin Crafts Blog!
 I am going to be featuring some of the wonderful bezels in the Nunn Design collection.
Nunn Design has a beautiful website.  
They also have a fabulous blog full of demos and how tos!

 These are just a few samples of the jewelry you can create with Nunn Design components. 
 Becky Nunn sent me some samples to play with. THANK YOU!! 
I'll feature my projects this week.  
To begin I had these two gold bezels.  They are so ornate they deserved a special image.
 I chose to use Napoleon and Josephine!  
Here they are with one pour of Jewelry Resin to make them permanently encased in the bezel.
 I added some gel markers to the first layer.  They I added a second glaze layer of Jewelry Resin.  This gave me a nice resin dome on each piece.
 I knew I wanted to keep the two bezels together so I created the brooch.
But it just wasn't enough as is.
A few more jewelry components later....and I have a wonderful showcase for my Nunn Design bezels!


  1. This is a fabulous statement piece, I would definitely wear this!

  2. I would LOVE to win this!!!! Awesome!

    1. I would LOVE to win this!!!! Awesome!

    2. I would love to win this and realy work with it I know it will be so much fun. I am excited thinking about it. I am going to be positive maybe I will

  3. You're incredible! I love this piece! I am consistently in awe of your work and this is no exception!

    xox jean

  4. cool daddio....I like.....u are so talented


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