The Little Blue Resin Bird

 Waiting for spring sure has been interesting in my part of the world.  It arrived mid march with a one week heat wave and then quickly left.  So if I want to see blue birds, I'll just have to make them myself.
 Once again I am working in a mold designed for cake makers.  (These are at Michael's craft store.) I thought this little bird was adorable.  I always keep a mold or two out on my table.  This is where I pour any left over resin.  Earlier this week when I made my owl bottle caps I had a little extra Jewelry Resin.  I just poured the final scraping from the cup into the bird mold.
 When it was cured I decided to add some paper napkin to the reverse.  It is a very simple way to add colour and interest to a molded piece.
 You can look through your clear piece to decide where on the napkin you might like to glue it.
 After I glued the napkin to the reverse of my resin bird, I cut away all the excess paper and applied a glaze layer of Jewelry Resin.  This really embeds the paper napkin and it also allowed me to just drop a tiny bail onto the bird back.
 I made a feather embellishment after seeing how pretty the bird was.
I easily attached both to a simple necklace.  Project done!

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