Monday, April 16, 2012

Liquid Pearls and Jewelry Resin

 This pendant features dimensional paint dots that look like tiny jewels.
I made this piece in three stages.  
First Layer:  A layer of blue coloured Jewelry Resin.  Waited 24 hours.
Second Layer:  My Klimt woman image and a clear layer of Jewelry Resin.  Waited 24 hours.
Third Layer:  I applied some gold peel offs and dots of Liquid Pearls.  I let the liquid pearls dry completely and then covered everything with a final clear layer of Jewelry Resin.  
Then, I set my piece aside for a full 48 cure.
 When my bauble came out of the mold it needed a little bit of sanding to smooth the edges.
All I had left to do was add the bail and it is ready to wear.
My post about making this mold is linked here.


  1. I was wondering how resin would react with other elements. I already mentioned temporary tattoos, but how about elements like Air dry clay (Makins clay or paper clay)? I have tiny little faces made with these clays that I painted with pearl paints (water color paints sealed with Krylon) that I want to put in bottle caps with resin.

    I'm a little hesitant about buying resin because of the price (I'm on a VERY limited budget) and the smell. And I really didn't want to do all that work if it doesn't turn out right.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. If you you have a Michaels near you, they sell Jewelry Resin, I think for 9.99...and with the 40% off coupon it is a bargain. I don't find that ETI resin smells....and the new Envirotex Jewelry Resin has an added citrus scent for the mixing stage that you might like. Air Dry clay is not something I have tested myself......I would suggest experimenting with a peice you don't like to see what happens...that's what I do. I coat everything with mod podge to give it a little more resistance to a resin stain too.

  2. I'm not sure if this is that similar, but Dimensional Magic has a similar (but not so durable) feel as resin and its not nearly as pricey. It might be something you can try out to see what happens.

  3. I just discovered your blog. Really cool! I love making pendants en yours is really great! The liquid pearls are so nice!

  4. wow,this Liquid Pearls and Jewelry Resin is so Beautiful,I love it.

  5. a Creative design,
    yes,it's my Favorites

  6. Well, they are so fashion and beautiful,I love them.:)

  7. A nice way to use pearls jewelry.... Attractive pearl necklace make the look more attractive


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